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June 2007

10 Year Anniversary ButtonJune 18, 2007

10th Anniversary BoB Buttons are now orderable for the Friday Nite Fling in Houston on July 27. Additionally - you can order your DOUBLED tickets for the Vendor Drawings held at the Fling now through July 13.

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Moderator Nominations for 2007-2008 are open now through June 30. You do need to have been a registered member of BoB for at least one year to be considered for moderator duties. Read more about the nomination process here!

June 15, 2007

BoB Friday Nite Fling 2006 in St Louis, MO10th ANNUAL BoB Friday Nite Fling!
Friday, July 27th, 7-10 PM
Hyatt Regency Hotel - Cottonwood Room

I'm new to Fling - do I just walk in?
YES!  Bring your friends and family or come alone.  Everyone is welcome!  This is for BoB'ers AND their family and friends regardless of whether they have even heard of "BoB" before.

Does it cost anything?
No!  Fling is always FREE!  Door Prize Tickets and/or ACS Table Tickets are optional.

How much do the tickets cost?
$1.00 per ticket, "doubles" (2 for 1) if purchased online through July 13.

How do I pay for pre-sale tickets?
PayPal is preferred or mail a check or money order.

How many prizes do you offer?
Usually over 50 Door Prizes and ACS Tables and Baskets vary from 10 and up

Do you have food or drinks at the Fling?
No, sorry.  To keep it free we don't hire food services.  Ice water is provided by the hotel on the tables.  In most places we have Fling, you can only bring in food or water that has been purchased IN the hotel we are celebrating in. That is the case this year in Houston as well.

What are the hours and what happens when?
7-10 pm.  We draw door prizes throughout the night and at 9pm we start the ACS Table Drawings. The majority of the evening is unstructured and is intended as an informal social gathering to put faces with the names you spend so much time with online!

If I have to leave early, can I give my tickets to a friend to watch for me?
Yes.  That is totally up to you.  We can't be responsible for mediating should that person not give you any prizes won though.  That arrangement will be between you and them.

Do you sell tickets ahead of time and what do you do with the money collected?
Yes we do!  Door Prize Ticket sales pay for the room rental and other event-related costs for the Fling.  We offer a special pre-sale for door prize tickets - 2 for 1 - through July 13.  ACS Tickets are sold ONLY the night of Fling - and 100% of that money gets turned in to the Partylite Help Desk on Saturday of conference.

Do you have a question not answered here?  Just post in the Fling forum

We hope to see new faces this year as well as our long time friends. 
Come and make memories with us!

Vendor Village - Where All the pieces fit together!While you're in Houston go shopping at Vendor Village!

Hyatt Regency Hotel
Arboretum (2nd Floor)

You'll find these BoB Business Links at Vendor Village:
The Booster
Express Yourself
The Bag Lady
Consultant Creations
Lianne's Consultant Corner
Laura's Fragrance Stacks 
Custom Services 
Shades of Color

Hours have not been finalized yet but Vendor Village will open Tuesday morning!
Vendor Village Store hours will be posted once the group finalizes the times.


June 4, 20072006 lia sophia Conference

Summer is here - so that means National Conferences are popping up for many of our represented companies. If yours is not listed on the BoB Calendar - feel free to contact a moderator or an admin with the dates & location so we can add it to the public calendar. Dates approaching soon:

 lia sophia: June 24-27, Milwaukee, WI

Note: any hotel, travel, etc specifics are all in the same link - we don't have separate subforums for this event like we do for the Partylite event - each year as the lia sophia forum grows and if it becomes necessary - we'll add additional subforums like we do for others Smile

  Partylite: July 25-28, Houston, TX Read more... 
For 10 years - BoB has been an "unofficial" place to take care of pre-conference housing, registration & travel questions & changes. You do need to register in order to post or reply to any messages. Please remember when you are posting in any of the forums - they are public pages - and as such - we require that phone numbers, full names & addresses, or email addresses NOT be posted in the open forums - but that your ongoing communication be handled through the private message system (PM) or emailing through the user profiles (User CP).

Need a Roomate?
Need to get rid of or pick up a hotel room?
Need to transfer a registration?
How about riders for a cross-country carpool?
Friday Nite Fling (10th Annual!)

 Butterfly Boutique: July 26-28, Detroit, MI

This is the very first year for Butterfly Boutique to have a national gathering - so obviously - I don't have a picture to add to this paragraph  this year! Those of you who will be attending this event - are in charge of making sure I have one for next year! Your numbers are small so far because you are so new but get your fellow reps together who are BoB members and take your "first ever" picture so we can look back at it 10 years from now!

June 1, 2007

The NUMBER 1 request or panic email I get any time we change the website around is "HELP! Where did the Games go?"

1. If you're one of those panicked people - please take a minute and read this whole page - it contains a lot of information about the revisions to the BoB community that we've put a lot of effort into writing for you Cool 

2. The Games are not gone - they are actually the same place they've been for the past 5 years - but it does look a little different getting there - I understand your panicked feelings but really - it'll be ok Smile The path to the (PL) Games forum is to click on Candles & Decorating at the left: Partylite: Games. Another option is to click on Forum at the top - and select Partylite in the Candles Category - then scroll down to Games. A third option is to click on Search at the top - and type in "Games" or the name of a particular Game you are looking for - and let the forum search for you. You do not need to be registered OR logged in to use the search feature and to read the returned results. You DO need to be registered and logged on if you want to ask a question in the threads that come up in the search. Registration and participation in the general business forums (that includes Games) is and always has been completely free. Please register so you can contribute YOUR ideas to everyone else as well as using everyone else's ideas in your business! That's what BoB is all about - helping each other make your businesses better!

3. If you just don't want to take the time to explore the new site - and I do hope you'll reconsider that - there's SO MUCH more to offer than just "Games" - here you go - a direct link to the GAMES FORUM Cool

 JUNE 2007 Business Links Specials

Each of these BoB businesses are offering specials this month! Read the full details of their offers by clicking on their images!

Express Yourself The Booster Consultant Creations My Girlfriend's House Laura's Fragrance Stacks Business Enhancements Lianne's Consultant Corner


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