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September 2007

September 17, 2007

Know what's right around the corner? The annual BoB Benefit Auction! Now is the time to start thinking about handmade crafty items you might donate - yummy baked goods like cookies, candy & fudge, and clean-out-the-closet or redecorate a room time - when you might have some things you might like to donate to the annual benefit auction!

Our BoB Auction is open year-round for BoB members to buy & sell items at extremely low fees (less than Ebay!) - but in mid-October we close the auction to regular sellers and ALL proceeds go to Second Harvest - the Nation's Food Bank. We do it in October/November so that the auction "staff" is not losing all of their holiday time in December trying to close out all the benefit auctions. We'll post much more information and specifics in the coming weeks. During Benefit Auction period (October 15-31, 2007) - all fees are waived for benefit auctions and auction item payments are sent to a specific designated BoB Account - not the seller. The seller donates the item being sold. Shipping can be donated by the seller, or can be specified as a part of the selling price for reimbursal (since the seller must ship directly to the buyer).

BoB Auction Store Owners are not required to close their stores during the benefit auction period - although it's a good idea to elimniate confusion. (If an item is sold through an Auction Store - it's not a benefit purchase). Currently active stores include:

Any member can register on the BoB Auction and go ahead and sell items now (or buy items!), before the Benefit Auction begins - and again after the Benefit Auction period has ended. We recommend registering the same member name you use on BoB for the auction - a big reason people like to sell & buy on the BoB Auction is that the names are for the most part, "recognizable" and because we have the Auction Forums for extended discussion. Browse through past year's Benefit Auction forums to get some ideas for this year! Jackie is setting up the 2007 Benefit forums this morning - so watch for that!

September 11, 2007

 Click to View Mute Witness Movie

Mute Witness weighs in at 1.43 MB. The soundtrack used in Mute Witness is Enya's May It Be.
This video created by
Teena Walker-Robin, one of my previous co-workers at the federal complex in Kansas City, MO, and provided here with permission. If you do not hear music and see the video playing - you may need to update your flash or shockwave player in your browser.

Please feel free to leave your comments on this page as we all remember this day.

September 10, 2007
UserCP/Personal CPJoinable UserGroups 

When you register on the BoB Forums - there are options in your UserCP (Personal CP) to join several publicly joinable usergroups. We have so many new members in so many new companies that I thought it would be a good time to remind about those groups. The purpose of the groups is for me, as the admin/owner of the BoB Community, to be able to communicate to smaller, focused groups when about topics or events that are specific to that group rather than to the entire community in a public announcement. We put this in place over a year ago - but even then it was basically a "looking to the future" addition - we knew we would be completing the new BoB design layout - and recategorizing the forums - and we knew we would want to use the joinable groups eventually.

The goal of Best of Boards has always been to provide just that - the BEST of resources to help the direct sales representative in their personal business. In our recent expansion and re-categorization of company forums - we realize that there are areas where we could do that much better. Having the ability to communicate directly with smaller "focused" groups of representatives who are active in each of our various business forums - will allow us to ask for and hopefully receive - more direct feedback FROM you to make your specific company forum more useful to you and your fellow representatives!

At NO TIME will lists of representatives for ANY company be provided TO any company, business, or individual. Your privacy (and trust!) is very important to us. FYI - even moderators do not have access to group membership lists - that information is only accessible to the administrators - myself (Belindaj), Jackie & Steve.

Some potential uses for the Joinable Groups (completely optional and voluntary) identification:

  • Contests
  • Newsletters or Articles specific to your company/industry
  • Targeted questionnaires (from BoB) to find out how we can improve your specific forum(s)
  • Communication of group events that may be in your area (for example - your national conference or convention - and putting together a BoB gathering)

When you join a publicly joinable group - it is listed in your User Profile for others to see that you are a member of that group. (You won't see a list of all group members). Because of this - we ask that you please only join the group(s) that you actually ARE actively representating. Remember - our Rules of Contact on BoB require that if you wish to find out information about another company - you can only do so outside of the public forum threads - by going directly to another member via PM or email. If your profile contains group membership for the company you represent - you might receive inquiries at some point from other BoB members!

For those of you who are Direct Sales Reps - please take a moment and log into your UserCP/Personal CP , scroll down to Group Memberships, and select the company you are actively representing. If you have additional questions or comments about group memberships - please use this thread to share them!

September 8, 2007
Let's talk about the new Downloads Module!

A few weeks ago I activated a new module (section/area - whatever you want to call it) here on BoB called Downloads. If you haven't noticed it - the link is at the upper right of the page - between the links for BoB Auction and Tealited. This section is open for all registered members to submit documents and flyers that you have personally created that you use in your individual business - that might be helpful to others in your business as well.

There are some guidelines that must be followed when you submit a document to the Downloads Library, and all submissions are approved by an admin before they are permanently posted to the Downloads Library.

 1. The document cannot be an actual corporate flyer or publication that has been produced by your company. In other words - if your company provides you with a "consultant logon area" where you can download company documents and flyers - you may NOT upload those same documents to the BoB Downloads Library.

2. If your documents or flyers contain photographic images or graphics - they must be created/photographed by you of actual product you (or a fellow consultant, with permission) have in your possession. You may not scan your company's catalog and use images from the scan. You also may not "borrow" images from your company's website to use in your documents. 

3. If you did not create the document - but someone in your region/unit/downline/upline did - ask them if they are willing to have it shared - and be sure to credit the author when you upload it to the Download Library. You can do this in the "description" field. 

4. Please be sure to use the description field - to make it easier for fellow members to find the document they are looking for. Additionally - please title your document specifically for the same reason.

5. Although it's less of a problem than it has been in years past - there are still some servers/computers that do not handle filenames with spaces in them very well (or at all) - so please save your file without spaces in the name. For example: instead of saving a file as "my document.doc", use "mydocument.doc" or if it seems more visually readable in some cases - "MyDocument.doc". This is especially true for pdf documents - as various versions of Adobe Reader often don't interpret filenames with spaces successfully.

6. Some companies are very specific regarding rules for consultant's use of company logo/tradename. We cannot be responsible for knowing every company's rules - it's literally not possible since we do not join every company that is represented on BoB Surprised However, you as consultants and representatives of your company - DO need to be responsible for creating your documents within your company's guidelines - and if we are contacted to remove a document that contains copyrighted or otherwise restricted information or images - we will do so immediately. If you need to report such an issue - please do so to a moderator or administrator. Please remember that in most cases - there is really no need for you to even USE your company's name of documents that you are providing to your hostess or downline. (which are what you are uploading on BoB). After all - your hostess knows what company she is holding a party for, and your downline certainly know what company they are representing Cool. So take that into consideration when you are creating documents for sharing - make them general/generic - and leave it up to the individual to personalize.

7. No submissions will be published that contain individual rep names, addresses, rep IDs, phone numbers, or websites. No exceptions. If you need to leave an area for individual personalization - make it generic or leave spaces. Do not leave your name & information in the uploaded document - it will not be approved.

These are the suggested file types that may be uploaded. It would also be a good practice to note in your description - which version of the program the document was created with - for example - Office 2000, Office 2003, Office 2007. When you are saving your office documents for publishing - if you're using the most current version of Office - it's probably best to "save down" to an older (but still compatible) version. For example - when I am working in Office 2007 and I'm goign to share an editable document - I'll generally save it as the 2000 version because of the broad user base we have here. In the case or word documents - that means the file extension will be a .doc instead of the default .docx extension. If your document has components that are not compatible with a previous version - then just be sure to document the version in your description when you upload the submission.

  • doc (Microsoft Word)
  • xls (Microsoft Excel)
  • pdf (Adobe Acrobat)
  • pub (Microsoft Publisher)

Images (jpg, gif, bmp, png) should not, as a general rule, be uploaded to the Downloads Library. The library is for documents, not for images. In rare cases we may approve an image upload - but it will be case by case. The Document Library is not a Premium Feature - it is intended for general business use and therefore any registered member can submit documents to share, and download the documents shared there. Image sharing - remains a Premium feature of BoB - which is critical for the long-term health of the community to provide for the costs associated with maintaining this enormous community. If you're not familiar with Premium and why it is needed - we invite you to read more about it here.

September 1, 2007
Policy Reminders

We've had a huge number of new members in the past 3 months - including a lot of new members in new company forums! It's wonderful to see so many new faces and hear so much excitement across the board in so many varied direct sales companies!

It's sometimes difficult to remember that Direct Sales is such a change-able, often "volatile" business to be in. Everyone believes that their particular company is the "best" company - and what's most important to remember is that there is no "best" company for everyone - only the "best" for you - in your particular circumstances, at any particular time in your life. The beauty of a site like Best of Boards is that you can read about many different companies - you can observe successes and challenges through your peers in your own and other companies - and know that the information you are reading is accurate and timely - in large part because of consistent, daily adherence to our community rules and "enforcement" of those rules by our diverse moderating teams.

Here are some important links to our Community Policies and recent updates or clarifications:

Thank you in advance for being a responsible BoB Community Member and making yourself aware of the community guidelines.

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NOTE: Product names, logos, brands, and other trademarks featured or referred to within the Best of Boards Community are the property of their respective trademark holders. These trademark holders are not affiliated with Best of Boards and they do not sponsor or endorse our discussions, contests, or offerings. Best of Boards is a resource community for representatives in the Direct Sales Industry, home party companies specifically. All effort is made to give credit where credit is due to authors of ideas shared on BoB and it is expected that you do the same when you share those ideas with your teammates, regions, or units. You may not use images from any part of BoB in any online auction without the express written permission of the owner of the image. BoB exists to help representatives keep their businesses fresh, creative & fun! Register today to participate in our business forums for free!

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