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BoB Business Links FAQ's

Business Links FAQ's - (rules and guidelines overview)
Effective May 2003 (Updated Jan, 2010) Annual pricing effective August 1, 2004

This is a summary of guidelines for becoming a Business Link. 

Q:  What exactly is BoB and why are Business Links a part of it?
Best of the Boards (BoB) was created in May of 1998 as a resource by consultants, for consultants. Business Links Fees help defray the cost of maintenance. BoB has grown from a 5 page site in May of 1998 to over 1200 pages, and from an average of 1000 "hits" per week consistently from its beginnings to 15,000+ "hits" per week. BoB includes not only, but the Forum (Message Board) too.  The Message board is a healthy and thriving real-time community with additional opportunities for Bob Business Links to communicate with their customers.

Q:  Is the only website the Business Links support and where direct sales professionals are reached?
BoB actively supports and promotes a "sister" site: Tealited Tidbits, created and maintained by Jackie Whiteker. In addition to the Tealited site, Jackie assists in maintaining BoB and the message board.  Business Link fees support both websites. 

Q:  I would like to become a Business Link.  What do I do first?
  First, you must have a website for us to review to see if it is eligible as a Business Link.  Email the link to your website to Belinda so she can review the site.

Q:  What if I don't have a website yet and just want to know if my business would be eligible once the site is completed?
 Email Belinda to explain what products you will be selling.  We ask that you mail at least one sample of your product to us so we can see first hand what you have to offer.  We still cannot approve the site until it is completed, but we can tell you beforehand if your product line will qualify.

Q:  Why would you need to SEE my site before you approve it?
 There are several reasons for this:

  • BoB is a family website. We work hard to maintain the complete site as a family friendly place for all to visit. When we launch your website as a Business Link, we are saying to the BoB Community that we have reviewed the website and it's products and we stand behind it as a business offering quality products that comply with the BoB site ethics and integrity that consultants have always expected of BoB.
  • If we are not the ones who developed the website, we always review it for content and copyright infringement.  Not all webmasters are familiar with what is and is not acceptable on the internet when it comes to Direct Sales businesses. 

Q:  What kind of businesses qualify as BoB Business Links?
  Any supplier who sells products that would compliment a Direct Sales professional's business would qualify as a BoB Business Link, as long as nothing on the website is offensive, illegal, or noncompliant with the BoB Business Links Terms of Service (TOS)

Q:  What are the fees to become a BoB Business Link?
A:  Effective July 11, 2004
First time fee is $250 to join. 
This fee does not include hosting or monthly website maintenance.  These are charged separately should you request themWe do not "pro-rate" fees to become a Business Link.  [Amended June 2007: However, if a Business Link joins BoB in the last quarter of the year, the joining fee may be adjusted at the discretion of the BoB Owner and Business Links Manager.]  Annual Renewal fees are due January 1st and payable by Feb. 1st.  Annual renewal fee is $150. Suppliers of whom fees are not received by February 1 will be removed from Business Links.  After February 1st, Business Links renewing from prior year will pay a late fee of $75.00.  No renewals will be accepted after Feb. 28th.  After February 28th, you will need to re-apply for your Business Link and the fee will be as it is for new links:  $250.00, upon approval.
Note:  Fee schedule may be reviewed and amended at any time by BoB Owner and Business Links Manager.

Q: How and who do I pay my Business Links fee to?
Payment is made to Belinda Johnson by either mailing or paying via PayPal. Scroll down to view all contact information.

Q: Why do you charge to become a Business Link?
The $250 fee supports the following costs:

  • Hosting and maintenance costs for BoB and Tealited Tidbits
  • Custom Graphic designing costs (at launch)
  • Programming fees for initial advertising
  • Message Board forum setup and maintenance for your business
  • Listing on Business Links pages of BoB and Tealited Tidbits

Q:  I need someone to design my website.  Do you do this?
Yes we do. I
f you do not have a website and want us to develop one for you, or need your site re-designed, please contact Belinda for information and cost estimate.

Q:  I need a host for my website.  Do you provide this?
A:  Yes we do.  The fees are very reasonable and the servers are maintained daily.  You can view the details for hosting at and email Belinda for further information on how to get your website set up for hosting.

Q:  My business is similar to another Business Link already on BoB.  Can I still apply to become a Business Link?
You are welcome to apply and we will review your site and products.  Competition is not an issue.  However, exact or near-to-exact copying of a current business and/or product would make you ineligible to become a BoB Business Link. 

Q:  I understand there is a vendor event at the annual PL Conference.  Where can I find more information about this?
 This is not handled by Best of Boards.  Contact person for each year will be announced once that person is assigned by the Vendor Village group.  You can email Belinda if it has not been announced yet to see if she can get you in contact with someone to begin the process.

Q:  Now that my site has been approved as being eligible to be a BoB Business Link, what do I do next?
Once you have received an email saying your site has been approved, you will next need to go to the BoB Business Links Terms of Service (TOS) and read the entire document thoroughly followed by clicking on the "Accept" button at the bottom of that page.  This should be followed up with paying the fee to become a Business Link.  Once payment is received, your site will be included on the appropriate pages, your forum created on the message board and an announcement will be made on the applicable site, along with pictures.  An announcement will also be made on the Message Board.

Q:  I have read and agreed to the TOS and paid my fees.  What happens next?
The following will now take place:

  • A promotional image will be created to accompany the announcement of your grand opening on BoB, using graphics available on your website.
  • The grand opening announcement will be written by us unless you submit one yourself.
  • A navigational button will be created for the business and added to BoB as well as the message board.
  • Your business will be listed on BoB and Tealited Tidbits Business Links page
  • A forum will be created on the message board for you to communicate with
    your customers.  You will find your new forum by going to: and clicking on the "Business Links" category link on the front page.  Scroll down to find your businesses button (listed alphabetically). Click on your business name link to enter your forum.  You must register a user name to post on the Message Board.  We highly recommend you use this valuable tool to interact with your customers from BoB.
  • Setting up a new Business Link will take 1-2 days to accomplish so please be patient.  Normal waiting time to see your site announced is 24-48 hours after receiving payment and TOS agreement.

Q:  Should I offer a special for my grand opening on BoB?
 Not required, but a valid business suggestion, would be to offer a small promo on your products or services for the first 30 days or so - 10% off, buy this get something free, just something to be a value statement to motivate potential customers to do more than just look and think "oh that's nice, maybe I'll order that someday".

Q:  What can I post on my message board forum?
You may post your monthly specials, announce new products, etc. in YOUR forum only.  All we ask is that you do not sell from the forum.  Direct your customers to your website to purchase products.  This is a great place to interact with your customers and answer any questions they may have.  You should become familiar with your forum and respond promptly to any concerns. There is an option in the forums for you to receive email notification of new posts in your forum so you do not have to manually "watch" your forum for activity.  When you become a Premium Member you can upload photos to enchance your posts in your business forums.  Go here for Premium Membership information.

Q:  Can I post messages on the rest of the message board about my business? 
No.  That is the purpose of having your own forum to interact with your customers.  We welcome and encourage you to interact with others on the other forums of the message board to become a known presence on the board.  But please only post about business matters in your forum.

Q:  How do I submit a monthly advertisement to you to post on the What's New Page?
Each month, if you request it by emailing Belinda, a short text advertisement will be posted on Business Links Specials Page to announce your monthly specials or new products.  Only one text advertisement per month per Business Link on the Specials Page for no extra charge.
  Simply email Belinda with your text message for the announcement.

Q:  How do I submit graphics to you for my monthly advertisement?
  You can either email Belinda the graphics or you can simply include a link to them for retrieval from your website.  If you don't have a specific preference as to which graphics are used from your site for the monthly announcement, we will select appropriate images from your website to enhance the ad.  Fee for product graphics must be received before the ad will be posted.

Q:  I'd like to advertise my products by donating prizes for contests.  Can I do this?
From time to time, we run contests or drawings, at which time an email is sent to each of the business links requesting donated products or services for prizes. Participation in ALL contests is not required, but participation (donating a prize) IS required in the annual "Fling".  If you are not an attending vendor then you may donate door prizes by mailing them to us.
Note:  Since we now have some vendors whose products/services are either partly or completely marketed toward Bath and Body Reps, those vendors may choose which Fling to donate to once a year.  The PL Conference (and BoB Friday Nite Fling) is usually in July and Bunnyvention (and BoB Hop) is usually in the spring. 

Q:  What happens if a customer contacts you with a complaint about my products and/or services?
  Any email complaints about your product or service that are received personally by us will be copied to you with our response. You are expected to resolve the situation promptly and copy us on the resolution. If the matter is not successfully resolved or if there is no response to three (3) emails, your link will be removed and you will need to pay a new annual fee in order to have it added again, upon approval.

Business Links Contact and Payment Information:
Mail (For payments)
Belinda Johnson
321 E Main
Odessa, MO  64076
PayPal (For payments)
Pay by PayPal
Email Belinda:

Best of Boards reserves the right to amend or change these rules and guidelines as needed.  Decisions concerning issues not addressed in the above FAQ's or the BoB Business Links TOS will be decided as situations arise and may or may not result in an amendment to BoB Business Links FAQ's and TOS.


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