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March 2008


3/24/08 Monday AFTERNOON Update


The .net site will remain open through Tuesday nite - however I am pleased (no THRILLED!!!) to announce that the main site is now re-opened and functional.

Reminder - in different parts of the country - you may still be seeing the old site (which remains in Maintenance Mode) - while others are already seeing the site on the new server. This is due to zone replication which is arbitrary and differs across all ISPs - but at most within 72 hours of about 10:00 this morning - everyone SHOULD be seeing the moved site. For the majority of you - it will be up & accessible within the next few hours if it's not already.

As always - thank you for your patience - this wasn't as seamless as you or I are used to - but it will definately be worth it for the long-term health of the community.


3/24/08 Monday Morning Update

It's been a lonnngggggg weekend for me - thank you all for your patience - fortunately we are close to being complete on this transition now as of overnight last night. At this poitn you'll probably remain here on the backup site all of today but KNOCK ON WOOD - tomorrow morning we'll be back to normal on .com.


3/23/08 Sunday Morning Update

Unfortunately, the transition overnight was not as smooth and uneventful as hoped/expected. We will remain on the backup site throughout all of Sunday at minimum - and hopefuly have everything finished for Monday morning. Thank you for your patience :) Enjoy the arcade!

The BoB Auction on the other hand - was a seamless move - and is reopened on the new server as of this morning. If you still see the Maintenance page when you go to , first try refreshing the page with a hard refresh (CTRL + F5 on most computers), and if you still see the maintenance page - then it just means your particular ISP connection is not updated with teh new nameserver information yet. For MOST zones - that is a 8-24 hour process - but in some cases it can take as much as 72 hours. It's an automated systemic process - there's nothing that can speed that up.


March 22, 2008

The Backup Forums will be open & accessible (including the arcade) on the backup website at during the transition of the main BoB website to the new server.

The full announcement from :

The BoB Forums and Auction will be closed beginning at 10:00 pm CST tonight for scheduled maintenance while I move the sites to a new and more robust server.

Everything will be exactly the same on the new server as it is now - there will be no loss of data, files, etc. This is actually a very simple move - we're not changing hosts - just moving to a new, updated & doubled capacity server - with no overall increased costs once I complete the change. Awesome!

For the majority of people - the sites will be up as normal as early as Sunday morning - for some it may be intermittent through Monday or even Tuesday for a very small number of persons while the nameservers synchronize across the country (and world LOL).

You will need to log in again once the site is coming up on the new server - and be sure to check the "remember me" box when you log back in in order for your browser to reset the new login cookie with the new IP.

Thanks for your patience - the backup site is already on the new server - it has been for about a week & a half - and it was a completely seamless and pain-free move so I have every expectation that this will be the same As a matter of fact - you will be able to use the backup site at during the transition - including the Arcade



March 1, 2008 

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