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May 2007

May 31, 2007

Welcome Forum

Wow! 44 new registrations in the last day and a half! That's about 4-5 times our normal rate for the past year. I love seeing all the new names pop up in the forums! If you're new to the community - please be sure to introduce yourself in the Welcome Forum - it's also a great place to browse for answers on how the forums work. Check your Private Message box ("PM") for an informative message from Admin Steve with more first-time forum user tips. Those PMs go out as soon as you confirm your email address and activate your registration. Speaking of that welcome PM - if you happen to find parts of it that have broken links - would you please send ME (belindaj) a PM with that info so I can get it corrected? With the transition to the new BoB website this week we're still fixing a few things :)

Content CreatorsA Note About the Main Menu Pages
You may have noticed the new "Forum Menu" on your left - those are links to Category Content Pages in most cases. This is a brand new feature for BoB - and as such - is very much a "work in progress". Our content creators are learning the ropes live and on-the-fly, and while we're all open to suggestions for making the pages better - please know that NONE of them have any previous web design training so be gentle :) By the way - if you're a registered member on the forums and are logged in - when you read a content page you'll see the creator's name and a link to post Comments at the lower right corner of the content page. That would be a great place for suggestions for each specific page!

Currently - our Content Creators are Colette, Melinda & Suzan. Thanks you guys - for stepping up & out of your comfort zone!



May 29, 2007 

You are viewing the brand new Best of Boards Community homepage.  There are additional new features that will be added in the coming weeks - for now - please take the time to explore and find your way around the latest and greatest things we have added for you.  Once you become familiar with the layout we think you'll discover it's easier to find what you're looking for. 

For ease in navigating, here are some tips to help you find your way around:

Site Navigation 

The Forums (or Message Board) previously located at is readily accessed by clicking on "Forum" at the top.

The Forums have been re-categorized for easier navigation between the many companies who are represented by our members. You'll see the familiar forum list layout by clicking on the Forum Link at the top, or you can shortcut to category pages by using the links at the left.  The General Forums (including the Water Cooler) are all located in BoB General, and the Premium Forums are now grouped all together under Premium. Our Moderators and Forum Guides will help to answer your questions in the Comments, Suggestions & Feedback Forum - also found under BoB General.

Logging In: If you had a member name on - it is still the same here on - so is your password. Log in using the block in the upper left panel. You'll see there is also a convenient link to your Personal CP (UserCP on the Forums) right there in the Personal Menu. You can also go straight to your PM box to check your messages.

RegisterRegistration: If you haven't registered on BoB before - you can do so by clicking on "Register" in the Guest Menu. Registration is free and although our registrations are moderated/approved - it is usually within minutes or at most - a few hours. We need to keep our registration moderated due to the size of this community and the attraction for spammers and advertisers. We take your privacy seriously - and your infomation will never be sold or shared with other websites or companies.

Login Issues - you may need to clean up your browser cookies and temp files since we have moved from one domain name to another. On Internet Explorer - you would click on Tools: Internet Options: Browsing History - and then click on the button to delete cookies and temporary files. After that - log in again and be sure to check the Auto-Login checkbox if you would like to remain logged in even when you close the browser. (That's the similar option to "Remember Me" on the previous site)

There are some "get-you-started" tips - for more information and questions & answers - visit the Comments Forum!

Thanks so much and enjoy YOUR new Best of Boards!

Please realize we had some bumps over the weekend getting this all put together - so some things may not be active or visible yet that will be added back in in the next couple of days. That goes for forums too - NOTHING was removed or deleted - but not all the permissions have been fixed 100% yet - so if you are having trouble getting to or finding a forum that you are looking for - try to be patient and it will likely show up in the next 24 hours. The search tool will help you a lot right now too since everything has been recategorized. And as always - your moderators and forum guides are here to help you in any way they can - thanks everyone! ~Belinda


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